Whilst we do encourage everyone to print as little as possible, Cherwell does have a range of printers available for both staff and student use. The majority of printing should be through our 'Virtual' print queue system, which will allow you to release print jobs from any of the Kyocera or Ricoh printers across the school using a pin code. Additionally, many faculty areas and offices have their own printers available to use.

'Virtual-Q' Printer

We encourage all staff to do the majority of their printing using the Virtual-Q system, which allows you to release your print jobs from any one of the Kyocera and Ricoh copiers across the school. These are large printers, with integrated copying and scan to Email / Google Drive functions. All usage on these printers is tracked, and charged to either a faculty budget (staff) or a personal allowance (students). All users are assigned a PIN code that will allow you to release jobs from the printers.

Below is a list of locations of these printers:

North Site

  • 6th Form Study Room

  • 6th Form Mezzanine

  • Staff Room

  • Reprographics Office (x2)

  • Head's PA Office

  • Finance Office

  • T2

  • Outside of Art 2

  • Back of Science 10

  • Geography Office

South Site

  • Reprographics Room (x2)

  • Staff Room

  • School Administration Office

  • Outside of Year 7 Office

  • Science Prep Room

The Virtual-Q is available from all school Windows computers, as well as school-owned Chromebooks. It can also be installed on any personal device connected to our 'eduroam' network. Instructions for this can be found here.

Jobs sent to the 'Virtual-Q' will stay in the queue for up to 72 hours, after which point they will be deleted if not released from a printer.

Any physical issues with these large Kyocera / Ricoh printers (jams, error codes, toner empty, etc...) should be reported to the Reprographics team ( All other issues should be reported to IT Support (

Setting / Changing / Viewing a Print Code

Note that this process can only be done within school.

  1. Open up the Papercut website here, then click the 'Sign in with Google' button.

  2. A Papercut 'Summary' page of your printing will open, and you'll see a menu bar down the left side of the screen. Click the 'Change Details' option from the menu bar.

  3. A new page will open - at the top it will tell you your current print code (if applicable), and also display a box to set a new print code. Type your prefered numbers in the box, and click the green 'change number' box.