Accounts & Passwords

When first starting at the school, you will be given logins by IT support for the following accounts:

  • Domain Account (accessing School computers)

    • The username for staff will follow the format first initial, surname (e.g person named Joe Bloggs will be jbloggs).

    • The username for students will follow the format intake year, surname, first initial (e.g 21bloggsj, for a student called Joe Bloggs who joined the school in 2021)

    • Currently, passwords have no complexity requirements and do not have an expiry date

  • Google Workspace Account (Google classroom, Gmail, Docs, chromebooks, etc...)

    • The beginning part of your Google Workspace address will be the same as above, but with on the end (e.g

    • Your password for this will sync with your Domain account. This means that if you change your password for the school computers, it will sync up and become your password for Google as well.

    • You will be required to setup Two Factor Authentication on your Google account - instructions can be found here

Additional Accounts


What is it: MINTClass is the seating planner tool used across the school

Who can use it: MINTClass is available for staff only

How to access:

How to get a login: Contact IT Support or Rachel Brown