Chromebook Scheme - Year 7

If you have any questions about the chromebook scheme, please email

If you are having technical issues with your device, please contact


At the Cherwell School we are committed to ensuring all of our students have access the very best platforms to assist their education. This includes access to online resources and applications which are used to help to develop skills necessary for further education and employment. Our aim is to for all incoming Year 7 students to have a device by the end of term 1 in the new academic year (2022-2023), and that within the next 5 years all students at The Cherwell School will have access to a Chromebook.

Full information about the scheme can be found in the booklet at the top of this page.

Parents will receive further correspondence at the very beginning of September regarding how to pay for a Chromebook, depending on the payment method you have chosen.

What device will I receive?

To simplify procurement and deployment, all students will receive the same model of Chromebook. We have chosen the Asus C204MA Clamshell (pictured right). It is designed for education use, and has the following specifications:

  • Intel® Celeron® N4000 Processor

  • 4GB DDR4 memory

  • 11.6” HD Screen (1366x768 resolution)

  • 32GB SSD

  • Full Google Play support

  • Protective drop resistant ruggedized frame

The device will come with a 3-year warranty, Google management license (read more about Cherwell's device management below), and a protective sleeve.

Device Management

What is it?

To ensure that devices are only being used for educational purposed during school hours, all outright purchased & loan Chromebooks will to be enrolled into Cherwell's Chromebook management system. This allows us to apply certain restrictions to the devices, most notably ensuring that personal Google accounts (i.e cannot sign into the devices during school hours. These restrictions only apply during school hours, and will be switched off during the school holidays. All devices acquired through the school will come automatically enrolled. Benefits of being enrolled into our management include the ability for us to lock lost / stolen devices, provide remote assistance when requested by the user, and allow parents to control the level of filtering applied to their child's chromebook when at home.

Any any student wishing to use their own, self-purchased chromebook in school need to bring it to the IT Support Office so it can be enrolled into our management console. This is a requirement if they wish to use their device in school.

What can you see / do to the Chromebook?

While a student is signed into a Chromebook (either enrolled into our management or not) using their school account, the following things are recorded:

  • Browser & YouTube History (which websites have been visited)

  • YouTube History (which videos have been accessed (note - restricted mode is applied))

  • Google Search History (which search terms a student uses (note - safesearch is forced))

  • Access to any ‘flagged content’ (e.g. self harm, radicalisation and sites blocked by filtering)

Offsite, Chromebooks signed in with a school account, will receive a less restrictive level of filtering. For example, age permitting, social media sites such as Facebook are allowed. Parents can control the level of filtering to apply further restrictions or remove others when using the devices off-site. You can read more about our internet filtering system here.

In school, during school hours only, a teacher can:

  • View student onscreen activity

  • Restrict browsing of a group or an individual

  • Close and open tabs for students.

What happens if I leave Cherwell?

When leaving Cherwell, the chromebook will be completely removed from our management and you do as you wish with it.

If you are moving from Cherwell to another RLT school then you just need to inform the IT Support team at the new school about the chromebook, and they can move the Chromebook into their management seamlessly.