Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the primary system in use across the RLT for document creation, storage, communication and collaboration. It incorporates all of the Google applications that you use daily, such as Google Docs, Google Mail, Google Meet, etc..

Useful Google Features

As a student / member of staff, you may find the following features of Google particularly helpful:

  • You are entitled to an unlimited amount of storage in Google Drive

  • Google Calendar, which will contain an automated, up to date version of your timetable

  • A contacts directory where you can search for students and colleagues

How to access Google Applications:

When logged-in to Google Chrome, you will see a folder called 'Cherwell Bookmarks' in your bookmarks bar. Click here, and there will be shortcuts for the most popular Google apps.

From any Google page, click the nine dots in the top right of the screen and you'll be presented with links to the main Google apps.

When in your Google Drive, you can right click on any blank space and be presented with shortcuts for the main Google Document creation applications.

In the below folders you will find a number of videos created by Mrs Brown (Head of curriculum IT) that go over different aspects of the Google Workspace platform.