IT Updates - Summer '22

The IT Support team are gearing up for a very busy summer, and we'd like to take the opportunity to fill you in on all the various works that will be taking place across the school. A list of important dates can be found at the bottom of this page.

Classroom Audio / Visual Upgrades

We are happy to inform users that all classrooms across both North and South sites will be getting a significant Audio/Visual upgrade this summer, as we will replacing the existing projectors with Clevertouch Interactive Screens. Specifically, we are installing 96 of their 75" M-Series boards, which have a huge array of built in features that will be of huge benefit to both teachers and students.

The installation will take place from July 25th, and will last for 5 weeks. We will be starting in the North site teaching block. Rachel Brown has already been in contact with Faculty Leaders about room layouts & the placement of the screens, so please liaise with her if you have any questions regarding this.

Chromebooks for incoming Year 7, 12, and 13

Our 1:1 Chromebook roll-out is continuing, this time with the incoming Year 7's, 12's and 13's. This totals 500 devices!

If you are a student coming into either of these year groups, please ensure you've read the booklet and replied to the Google form on the relevant 'Chromebook Scheme' pages at the top of this website.

Computer and Laptop Refreshes

As part of the infrastructure rebuild mentioned below, we will be re-building all computers across the school. This will improve system performance and ease of use for users, as well as having numerous management benefits for the IT Team. This work will begin on the 25th July and be completed by Friday 5th August, so during this time it's likely that computers in your faculty area will be unavailable to use. During this period, we would encourage staff not to come into school to work.

Staff that have their own laptop will need to hand it in to IT Support at some point during the holidays to perform this work, otherwise it will stop working on return in September. Please email and arrange the drop-off.

Core Infrastructure Rebuild and Upgrades

We will be replacing several core components of our network and server infrastructure over the summer. This is the first phase of our complete network replacement project, and ties in with the Computer and Laptop refreshes above.

Specifically, we'll be replacing our firewalls and core switches on both sites as well as re-building the majority of our server estate.

The work will cause minor disruptions to internet access on-site in late August, but the date is yet to be finalized. We will of course inform users when this is confirmed.

Work Schedule & Important Dates:

  • 25th July: Installers arrive on site to being installing the Clevertouch Screens. They will start in the North site teaching block.

  • 25th July - 5th August: IT Support will be re-imaging all computers across the school, and therefore PC's will be out of action. Please do not come into school to use the computers during these dates.

  • Late August (exact date TBC): Disruptions to internet and computer access whilst on-site, as the IT Team will be performing major infrastructure upgrades.